You don't wanna miss our Mud Oven Build Class July 21-22 (with July 28 pizza party)! Danjo Paluska is leading this workshop, where we build a wood-fired pizza oven from the ground up. First the stone masonry plinth, then the insulated firebrick bake surface, and finally the dome of clay and sand! More details and registration at

Whatley Farm is a diversified, certified-organic family near the Cathance River's Head of Tide in Topsham, Maine. The farm was started by Ben Whatley and his parents Laura and Nick in 2012. We own 40 acres of land and grow about 5 acres of annual vegetables, assorted smaller plantings of perennials including plums, peaches, apples, pears, raspberries, asparagus, and herbs. We also specialize in "field-tested" organic seedlings for your garden, seed garlic, duck eggs, and pork. We sell primarily at Brunswick farmers’ markets in the summer and winter as well as selling wholesale to local restaurants and natural food stores. We offer a Market-Debit CSA share through our farmers’ markets, offering free choice on any of our farm products. Explore the pages here for more info on our farm, and feel free to email us about anything, or come see us at market!