Whatley Farm is excited to be able to offer a CSA option for customers who want to use their SNAP benefits to shop with us! We sell certified organic vegetables, seedlings, edible flowers, duck eggs, and pork.

Our SNAP CSA is more like a buying club than a traditional box CSA. There is no prepayment - you pay as you go! We record your purchases at market and if you spend more than $30 in a month with us, you get a 10% bonus towards your purchases next month. For example, if you spent $55 with us in May, you would get $5.50 credit on the first of June.

You can sign up by sending us your name and phone number, and we will create a page for you in our CSA ledger, or you can come to any of our markets and we can create a page for you then.

At the market, you pick out what you want, and pay then. We use the paper voucher system to authorize and reserve payment - we fill out the vouchers at market with your exact purchase amount and we clear them after the market with our wired machine at home. That means the funds are not removed from your account immediately, but it will usually be later that day.

Please email us at whatleyfarm@gmail.com for a sign-up form!

We look forward to seeing you at our farmers’ markets!