Our pork is certified organic by MOFGA. The pigs live outdoors in the fields and forest edges of our farm, rooting up fresh ground, eating excess organic veggies, and high-quality certified-organic feed from Meunerie Sawyerville.

We raise Large Black pigs a heritage breed originally from England, known for their docile temperament and good foraging abilities. That means they are more capable of getting nutrition from the things they root up and graze than pigs bred to thrive just on grain, however, they still need plenty of grain, vitamins and nutrients (from our own organic vegetable scraps!). 

We will have many different cuts of pork available in October 2017, when these pigs go to the butcher. We take our pigs to Herring Brothers Meats in Guilford, ME. You will notice that the meat of the Large Black is much redder than conventional pork. Large Black is also a lard breed - it was bred for good fat production, so you may also notice that many of the cuts have generous trimmings of fat left on them. Leave the fat on for cooking - it gives the meat succulence and flavor. You can pour the fat off afterward and use it to cook vegetables if you like. 

Below is our price list for 2017. Please contact us with any questions!

Cut/Product Name Price per pound
Bacon (nitrate-free) $13.65
Breakfast Sausage (links) $12.35
Sausage, loose (Hot or Sweet Italian, Garlic, Chorizo) $11.65
Ground Pork $9.35
Fresh Ham Roast or Steak $9.95
Hocks, Smoked and Uncured $7.95
Liver $6.95
Leaf Lard $4.95
Pork Loin Roast $10.95
Pork Chops or Country Ribs $12.35
Rack of Ribs $10.35
Shoulder Roast $9.95
Smoked Shoulder Roast $10.95
Smoked Ham Roast or Steak $10.95
Tenderloin $20.95