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Our pork is certified organic by MOFGA. The pigs live outdoors in the fields and forest edges of our farm, rooting up fresh ground, eating excess organic veggies, and high-quality certified-organic feed from Morrison’s in Vermont.

We raise Tamworth pigs, a heritage breed known for their docile temperament and good foraging abilities. That means they are more capable of getting nutrition from the things they root up and graze than pigs bred to thrive just on grain, however, they still need plenty of grain, vitamins and nutrients (from our own organic vegetable scraps!). 

We take our pigs to Herring Brothers Meats in Guilford, ME for slaughter and butchering. They do a great job with all the cuts, and we love the sausage recipes and nitrate-free smoking!

Buy a whole or half hog and save money while getting your meat custom-cut to your preferences:

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Email us whatleyfarm@gmail.com to reserve yours! Deposit required ($100 for half, $200 for whole hog)

We also have many cuts of pork available at the farmers markets every week! Here are 2019 prices:

Cut/Price per pound

Bacon, Smoked and Uncured (no added nitrates) $14

Sausage, loose (Breakfast, Hot or Sweet Italian, Garlic, Chorizo) $13.35 ($10 per pack)

Ground Pork $12 ($9 per pack)

Hocks, Smoked and Uncured (no added nitrates) $8

Ham Steak, Smoked and Uncured (no added nitrates) $12.50

Ham Roast, Smoked and Uncured (no added nitrates) $11.50

Pork Chops $12.50

Country-Style Ribs $11.50

Shoulder Roast, Fresh $10.50

Rack of Ribs $11.50

Tenderloin $21