It's still not winter yet...

The warm weather is making harvest times a little more flexible. Usually, at this time of year, we have to harvest in the afternoons because it is way too cold in the mornings. Today, I was able to start harvesting as early as I could get everything together. 

I wasn't the only one out and about, either! You can see above that the earthworms were out, too. I saw quite a few of them - they are usually a good sign of a healthy soil ecosystem. Also, normally it would be a bit cold for them at this time of year. All signs point to warmer than usual!


We will have salad mix again this week, as well as spinach, pea shoots, curly parsley, and flat parsley. Come get your good greens at market - Topsham Fairgrounds, Friday 1-5, and Fort Andross, Saturday, 9-12:30. 

See you at market!