Sun and Snow

This week saw some more snow, but, for us, not an unmanageable or overwhelming amount. We got a little over an inch, and it wasn't too wet or heavy. The ducks, as you can see below, were quite happy to have the fresh snow and bask in the sun today.


We have had some time this week to do some cleaning up and rearranging in the barn. We are evaluating how we use the space we need for our vegetable washing, packing, and storage, as well as duck egg washing and packing, and supply storage. As different enterprises grow or change seasonally, we often see ways in which we could improve the layout and flow of how we are currently doing things in the barn. 

We also have a chance to just plain old clean up things that got away from us in the fall. You can see Sophie below trying to put away some chains that were out in the yard from a delivery in the fall. (They were a little heavy and unruly. In the end we split the load.) We use chains like this for securing pallets and even the tractor to a big trailer we use, mostly to ferry things between our field in Bowdoinham and the home farm in Topsham. 

This week we are going to have more sweet winter greens, but again, they will go quickly! We will also be having a sale on smoked ham steaks - $1/lb off, making them $9.95/lb. Ham steaks are quick to thaw and quick to cook, and we really like the brine and smokiness of these steaks cut by the butchers at Herring Brothers Meats. Our ham steaks will also be featured in a sandwich tomorrow from the Market Cafe at Midcoast Winter Market tomorrow (Friday, at the Topsham Fairgrounds).

See you at market!