The Harvest Continues

We are NOT going to the Brunswick Farmers' Market tomorrow! See below for details!

Sometimes, when you fill up your trucks, you have to use the tractor. We have two tractors that we use pretty regularly - the Kubota you see above (about 35-40 hp) and an Allis Chalmers G (see below). The Kubota is our workhorse tractor: it lifts heavy things, it digs vegetables, it chisel-plows and rototills the soil. Before using it to transport the cabbage you see above, I had used an implement called a bed-lifter to dig underneath and loosen a whole planting of rutabaga.

The Allis Chalmers G, on the other hand, is light, very easy to handle, and precise. We use the G to mark rows in our beds, to weed, or cultivate, crops. Nick converted the G to electric from gas the winter after we got it, so now, when it's not in use, we plug it into a special socket in the barn. Sometimes, however, we prove that we are still figuring it out - since it's been cold the G hasn't been holding its charge as well as it does in the summer. Ben used it to cover all the garlic we planted Wednesday and Thursday, and just after he finished, the battery gave up! So below you can see Ben and the crew pushing it back from the garlic beds. Fortunately the G is very lightweight and can easily be moved by several people. 

We are NOT going to the Brunswick Farmers' Market tomorrow because it is going to be raining sideways all day and there are predicted wind gusts of up to 50 mph! We WILL be going to Crystal Spring Market on Saturday, however, with the full array of veggies and eggs. 

Stay safe tomorrow, everyone, and see you Saturday!



Fall is undoubtedly here. We got our first frost Saturday night. We harvested all the rest of our winter squash on Sunday morning - we think about 4,000 lbs! - with the help of two pickup trucks and a bunch of friends. Many great thanks to those who showed up Sunday morning and pitched in, even for a little while! Below you can see a Ben-cam view of the process (okay, I didn't stick a camera on Ben, I just held my camera above his shoulder).


'Tis indeed the season of abundance: not only are the vegetables pretty much pouring out of the fields, but the new flock of laying ducks has started to come into lay, and the eggs are pouring in as well. 

Chef Ali has a couple new recipes for us this week, featuring the delicious Chinese (or Napa) Cabbage: Cellophane Noodle Soup with Beef and Chinese Cabbage  and Peanut Noodles with Asian Slaw.

See you at market!