Groundhog Day

Apparently we are going to get six more weeks of winter. This might send some down a despondent train of thought, but it okay with us. We don't mind having some extra time for planning and preparation before the 2017 season really gets going.

We will start seeding onions the last week of February, and we have no small amount of prep work to do in the greenhouse before we are ready to start plants in it. The new heater arrived yesterday, which is fantastic, and we have also started buying materials to built strong, water resistant tables to hold trays and trays of plants. 

But enough about winter - the Superbowl is this weekend! We would like to remind everyone that we have a 10% off $50 or more of pork deal going on right now! Pork chops for everyone, ham steak sandwiches, pulled pork tacos - all swell, savory Superbowl snacks! (I really tried for that alliteration).

Another potentially swell, savory snack I would recommend is some roasted garlic dip - and we are going to have garlic on sale this week as well - a pint for $7! This is in part due to my screw up, I must admit. I accidentally spilled and mixed up about 50 pounds of garlic bulbs, so the pints are a mix of four of our varieties of garlic - from the mildest (Inchelium Red) to the hottest (Georgian Fire). Please profit from my mistake!

See you at market!