Frozen Fingers

Well, no, but that is what it feels like. 

We keep harvesting greens in the winter as long as we can get them without incurring frost damage - if you cut a leaf while it is frozen, the cell walls break; when the cells thaw out, they die. While the temperatures can still rise above freezing (and we use hoophouses and row cover to help with that), however, the plants usually thaw by around noon. 

We are pleased to say we will have salad mix tomorrow, Saturday and with hope, the rest of December! We use a variety of lettuce called Salanova, primarily, to make our salad mix. Unlike baby lettuce, which you sow in a row and cut before the leaves get about 4" tall, Salanova grows to full-sized heads. We cut the heads and then cut the leaves off of the core of lettuce. Salanova has been bred particularly for getting a baby-sized leaf lettuce that has the strength and taste of an adult lettuce. We like it and we hope you do, too!


We also hope to have curly parsley and flat parsley until the end of December. We will have the very last of the cilantro on sale tomorrow!

See you at market!