Warming Up

Well, we do not mind a little break from the intense cold. Neither do the plants. Below you can see some Dr-Seussian onions that we have planted in one of our high tunnels. It was plenty warm enough to take the row cover off them on Wednesday, so they got some more warmth and sunlight than they have been used to. We are experimenting with these overwintered onions for the first time this year. If all goes well, they should be ready for harvest well before the usual crop of onions is!

The warm temperatures also mean we are going to have some spinach this week - but most likely FRIDAY (TOPSHAM) ONLY, sorry! Most of the spinach is not quite big enough to pick yet. Another week of warmth, however, and we may get plenty of spinach next week.

We would like to invite everyone who shops with us to take our customer survey - here. We are trying to collect information about our customers and what you think of us to put in a business plan we are writing for the Farms for the Future Grant through the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. We really appreciate your time and feedback and would like to give everyone who takes the survey a $5 off coupon as thanks!

Fresh Ham Steaks are on SALE this week for $9.95/lb. We have TWO recipes this week - one with pork and one without. The first goes with the sale - Ham Steaks and Gravy in the Crockpot - and the second is Munich Beer Radish Snack-a-tizers. The Munich Beer Radish one is not exactly a recipe - more of a suggestion of how best to enjoy the Munich Beer Radish. 

See you at market!