Weather or Not

My grandmother likes to say, Well, we'll have weather whether or not, won't we? She's right, of course, and this was a good week to prove it!

First, the cold and even a bit of snow - we were worried about our garlic, because it is about four inches high already! Fortunately, there seems to have been only minor frost damage. 

Also, by Tuesday morning, we had filled all available table space in the greenhouse with seedlings, and we still had more tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant to pot up. We had to make a sacrifice. We decided to give up on some of the early greens in the unheated high tunnel next to the greenhouse. We covered them with landscape fabric and laid pallets down on top of that. Then we moved all of our onions and some of this weeks transplants (spinach and lettuce) on the pallets, and covered them with what is known as a "low tunnel". That is basically a small hoop structure (about three feet high) covered with plastic. Then we ran an extension cord to a space heater inside the low tunnel, and, presto! A mini greenhouse inside a high tunnel!

We will again have a SUPER SPINACH SALE this weekend at the Topsham and Brunswick markets! For those of you who are cooking for several people or who, like us, just like to eat a lot of spinach, we will be selling some one-pound bulk bags of spinach for $12/pound!

See you at market!


Labor Day

Labor Day is well placed in the year to celebrate how much labor we have indeed done. We know there's more to come, but we are entering the home stretch. We already have some storage crops harvested - garlic in July, and now onions and shallots. Below is a picture of the farm truck with the bed packed full of onions and shallots. We harvested three truck loads in all!

Onions and shallots need to cure for a couple weeks and then be cleaned and trimmed just like garlic, so it will be a few weeks before they show up at market. We will have garlic, however, every week now until we run out (usually in midwinter)!

Speaking of fall crops, I was walking by the sweet potatoes the other day and noticed that some were blooming! Now it is easy to see that they are part of the morning glory family of plants, and not related to potatoes at all.

Enjoy the weather (we loved that bit of rain we had this afternoon), and see you at market!