Rain, rain, come to stay

At least for a day or two! 

We are really hoping this rain will give our fall crops their last good jolt of growth. We can weed and fertilize all we want, but it doesn't make much of a difference unless there's enough water for the plants to use the fertilizer and grow into the spaces left by the weeds. We can irrigate a few crops (like the ginger, below, since it is in the greenhouse!), but most of our fall crops we are not able to irrigate, especially because of the sunny dry weather - our irrigation pond is very low. 

We are cranking away at cleaning garlic - we have two varieties done out of seven, and we're in the middle of a third. Rainy days are also great for doing indoor tasks like garlic cleaning.

The weathermen are lamenting the fact that we are going to have two cloudy, rainy days today and Sunday - we are rejoicing! So for farmers in New England, be happy it's raining!

See you at market!