Common Ground Weekend

Yes, the Common Ground Fair is this weekend, but we will be at all our markets, never fear! We we have the full array of veggies and the pepper roaster going on Saturday. Speaking of pepper roasting, Ben took half the crew this Thursday over to our friend Jenn's kitchen (Jenn owns and operates Turtle Rock Farm) and roasted and packaged over 200 pounds of peppers! 

Look for the frozen peppers in our little display freezer at market. We should have them all winter long! We have sweet and hot as well. 

It is green tomato season now too! Can you spot the green tomatoes above? I made this a little tricky, as this variety, Green Zebra, is yellow-green when it is ripe, however the bluish-green ones are unripe. On Wednesday, we took out all of the heirloom tomato plants, harvesting both the ripe and unripe tomatoes. Green tomatoes are excellent fried, and for making relish, jam, or pickles. We will be selling large quantities at a low price if you're tempted to experiment! We will also try to get some recipes for them out next week. 

Speaking of recipes, we are collaborating with our friend Chef Ali from the Brunswick Inn on Park Row in Brunswick to provide more recipes to our customers at our busiest times. This week Ali has provided no less than FOUR wonderful ideas of how to use the humble herb parsley. You can find them here. We will also bring copies to market.

See you at market,