Thinking Ahead

We hope you all have some fun R&R planned for this Fourth of July weekend. We will still be at the Brunswick Farmers' Market on Friday and the Crystal Spring Farmers' Market on Saturday. We hope to see you there!

July has been ushered in with more rain! Crops are growing well, since they are getting a chance to dry out between deluges, but the soil is so soft from the rain there are some places in our fields that we can't go at the moment. We are in the middle of getting a lot of fall crops in the ground - things like parsnips and brussels sprouts have been in for weeks, but we are just planting rutabagas this week. We are hoping for some sunny, dry beach weather to let us into those places again.

Last week we unexpectedly came into some ginger seed. We tried hard early this spring to get ginger seed (actually ginger rhizome - they look just like what you would buy in the store) from several different sources with no result. Ginger seed was in very high demand this year. We know we have talked to a few customers who were disappointed - as were we - because the fresh, organic ginger is such a treat!

Happily, our friend Ian of Stonecipher Farm in Bowdoinham had extra ginger seed after he planted his out, so we bought those from him last week. On Friday, we then tore apart two thirds of our propagation greenhouse (which doesn't have a floor, just landscape fabric over soil), to make room for the ginger. I have posted a before-during-after sequence of photos below. We went from three rows of tables to one, pulled off two rows of landscape fabric, broadforked, made furrows (that's Kev making furrows in the middle picture below), put down some fertilizer, planted the sprouted ginger rhizomes, and closed the furrows so that the rhizomes were at least 2 inches below the soil surface. 

With luck and TLC, we will have fresh ginger ready in about Octobeer. Ginger are needy plants, and we'll do our best to keep them satisfied. 

Lots of edible flowers are coming in now. Above we have calendula, sunflowers, and cornflowers/bachelor buttons from left to right. We will be bringing small bunches of edible flowers - just what you'd need for a recipe (like Calendula Cornbread Muffins from Mother Earth News) - all summer long.

See you at market, and happy Fourth!