Whirlwind Week

This is the time of year when people start asking us, "So, are things slowing down on the farm yet?"

Hah. Not by a long shot. Granted this year is a little unusual because we are putting up two big hoophouses. Aside from the hoophouses, however, we still have thousands of pounds of storage vegetables to harvest, wash, and pack, summer vegetables to pull out of the ground and compost, and winter vegetables to seed and transplant. Not to mention markets! 

Speaking of the hoophouses, though, we have made quite a bit of progress on the unheated one, and we think we may be able to cover it with plastic next week. Hurrah! And this week, we had concrete poured for the floor of the other hoophouse (the heated greenhouse). Apologies if the picture is a tad blurry. It is getting dark so much earlier now that I didn't realize how poor the light was!

This week Chef Ali has a yummy recipe using roasted peppers: Roasted Peppers with Pomegranate Molasses & Walnuts! We will still be roasting peppers this weekend, though this may be the last weekend! All the plants died in the frost last week, so we are working off what we harvested then. We will, however, continue to have roasted peppers in our freezer through the winter until we sell out. We will have both sweet and hot options. 

See you at market!