Blast off

This week was a pretty exciting one on the farm. On Wednesday and Thursday we had to keep our ears peeled for a siren - the siren signalling that the blasting crew was setting off an explosion! (Ben posted a video of this on our Facebook page.) They blasted out ledge for a day and a half so that we can fit not only the new greenhouse, which I mentioned last week, but also a new high tunnel in the field out behind the barn. Below you can see the excavation of the high tunnel.


There was not a ton of topsoil in this field, and it wasn't great soil for farming to begin with, so we will essentially construct our own soil profile for the greenhouse and high tunnel. This allows us to choose the best mix for what we want to grow - primarily winter greens and solanaceous crops, like tomatoes and peppers, during the summer. 

We also spent some good time this week in the field we are leasing in Bowdoinham from Harvest Tide Organics (our friends Bethany and Eric). This year we are planting all of our storage crops, like onions, leeks, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, etc., over there. We had plenty of hot, dry weather for weeding, so we went bed by bed and freed up all those plants to get the most possible space and sunlight for themselves. Below is a picture of the field when we arrived Wednesday morning, before the fog burned off. 


This week we will have more meat ducks available - they are frozen and they are $7/lb. We also have some necks, liver, and hearts available for $4.50/lb. You can find them in our little freezer at market. 

See you at market!