The Rain, Rain, Rain came Down, Down, Down

Has anyone ever watched those old Winnie the Pooh videos? That was what Wednesday was like. I almost expected Heffalumps and Woozles to follow. 

We got over 6 inches of rain on the farm. We're not exactly sure because the rain gauge overflowed. Fortunately, though, we had minor damage overall. We had a little erosion in the field behind the truck (above), and our harvest was definitely curtailed Thursday morning. The earth was so soft and squishy we had to give it plenty of time to dry out in certain places. Therefore, we didn't have lettuce mix or spinach this morning, sorry! We just couldn't get to them yesterday. 

We have garlic planting and cultivating instructions up here on our website now! Hurray! I will try to get some pretty pictures up there soon. Also, please let me know if you have questions that I have not answered on that page, and I will do my best to get that information up there.

See you at market!