Sneaking Closer to Summer

Some of these days this week have really felt like it. The crew is showing up in shorts most days. And speaking of the crew, we have two new great crew members, Michael and Sophie, and we are really excited that they are joining us, Clark, Cassie, and Logan on the farm. We have needed their help! Many hands make light work, as they say. Though, for farming, maybe the saying should be: many hands keep you from falling so far behind on the to-do list. 

This week we have been able to catch up (almost completely!) on our transplanting, and we have been able to get quite a bit of weeding done as well. Next week it will be time to prune and trellis the tomatoes again, and urge them to send all their energy into those green fruits hanging on the vine. 

Speaking of tomato trellising, I would like to share two pictures from last week that did not make it to the blog: the first is a tomato before trellising and pruning - the white twine is what we clip the little white clips to, which we then when clip around the main tomato stem underneath a strong leaf (see the second photo). 

We have a couple of (fairly) easy meal ideas to share: lettuce salad with violas, and deviled duck eggs! The salad is as easy as pouring several bags of our lettuce mix into a bowl and then scattering the violas on top. I also usually add some chopped up herbs, like sage, chives, oregano, etc) and serve with some vinaigrette. 

For the duck eggs, substitute the duck eggs for chicken eggs in your favorite deviled egg recipe. Because the eggs are so fresh, we recommend sprinkling a teaspoon of baking soda in the water you use to boil them. It will make the eggs easier to peel. They will be extra rich and creamy! (Especially if you use homemade duck egg mayo - just saying!)

See you at market!