Warm Spring Weather and Surprise Hail!

Thursday afternoon we all had a business meeting. We had noticed the clouds outside growing darker and some thunder rumbling in the distance, but we were totally surprised by the pea-sized hail! Fortunately it did not last very long and doesn't seem to have done any damage.

In other exciting news, some of our first greenhouse seedlings have germinated! Below you can see some celery seedlings. The tallest ones are about half an inch long, but they will grow up to be juicy, crisp stalks 12-18" long! Pretty amazing.

We are also happy to say that our experiment in forcing shiitake mushrooms so far is beginning to bear fruit (yes, pun intended). Below you can see a tiny button of a shiitake growing in an oak log. That mushroom is currently about the size of a dime. We definitely have some quirks to work out, but we are hopeful that eventually this could help us bring more mushrooms to market. No promises yet, though!

Unfortunately, we do not have a featured recipe of the week, but in honor of Saint Patrick's Day, glorious GREEN spinach will be on sale this weekend!

See you at market!