Cranking Away

First of all, apologies to you loyal blog followers! I paused the automatic newsletter (I use Mailchimp) to change a setting, and forgot to unpause it last Thursday! So with hope you'll get this week's and last week's blog today!

We are cranking away on sunny day tasks like weeding and preparing beds for planting and trying to find a little bit of moisture where we can for rainy day ones like transplanting. Thursday turned out to be a good day for transplanting for two reasons - one: it was cloudy in the afternoon, and two: Ben figured out how to attach a pump to a water tote so we can drive behind the transplanting and water those poor plants in! You can see in the picture (from Monday) below that the soil is pretty dry on the surface. Fortunately, between the watering-in and the soil moisture a few inches down, the onions should be fine. 

Some of you who have been to the market in the last week may have noticed that we have sneaked a few new spring veggies into our market offerings: asparagus and green garlic! The asparagus started in a trickle and seems to be picking up a bit now, but still come earlier if you want to be sure to get some. The green garlic are young garlic plants, and you can use the white/light green stems just like leeks or scallions. They are a great interim form of garlic, between all our winter garlic that has sprouted and before the garlic scapes arrive in June.

It is also seedling season! We have an assortment of common vegetables, herbs, and some edible flowers. Starting this week we will be bringing the tomatoes in full force. Next week, eggplant, peppers, and the squash family will follow! Happy gardening!

See you at market!