Out like a lamb?

Happy Equinox (last Sunday) and Happy Easter (this coming Sunday, if you celebrate it)! 

March is supposed to be in like a lion and out like a lamb, but the weather seems a bit lion-ish to me lately! We have about a week left for it to become more lamb-like. We shall see.

It is not a bad time of year for celebrate. Yes, we are still getting snow and cold weather (see above - that was the greenhouse on Monday!), but it's warmer cold weather. Things inside the hoophouses are starting to grow, and the seedlings are doing great in the greenhouse.


The rosemary (above), came through the winter amazingly well. Outdoors, rosemary is only hardy to zone 7, particularly this Gorizia variety that we are growing. That means it can only tolerate temperatures down to 20F. I bought these plants as plugs from Johnny's Selected Seeds, and most of the plants are now turning 3 years old!

I have managed to keep them alive through the winters by planting them in a high tunnel (unheated hoophouse) and covering them with two layers of row cover in the winter. Given that rosemary is fairly easy to propagate by cuttings, I have also been able to propagate a lot of new plants from the original 30 to fill in any holes I have as well as to sell as seedlings at market later in the spring.

SPINACH is going to be on SUPER SALE again this week! I highly recommend Nigel Slater's Classic Creamed Spinach as a side-dish for holiday meals, or just as a meal on its own. We will bring copies to market!

See you at market!