Garlic is all in, and so are the tomatoes!

Hello friends of Whatley Farm! I’ve been super bad about updating news here on the website and email list. For much more up to date info and pictures of what we’re up to, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram. But I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed!

Garlic is mostly in, just a couple of new varieties that finish later than the rest still left in the field. But 90% of the crop is picked and drying down in our new shade house. It was a big push through the heat, but we made it. Here's Lars from our crew harvesting garlic…for days!


And I picked for days as well, but I lack his youthful energy (he’s only 15) and I had to take a break on my beach towel:


Meanwhile we’re picking lots of tasty tomatoes! And it’s perfect weather for a truly vine-ripened beauty like this German Johnson:


It’s a rhubarb leaf in the picture for shade, in case you wondered…just happened by with tomato in hand.

Come by and see us 4 days a week in Brunswick! Tuesdays and Fridays 8-2 downtown, Wednesdays 4-7 at Flight Deck Brewing, and Saturday mornings at Crystal Spring Farm. And we anticipate we’ll be roasting peppers in 2 weeks, so stay tuned!

Ben and the gang