Whatley Brothers stepping out!

Hi friends,

Many of you probably know it doesn’t take much to get me (Ben) to pick up the guitar at market, and it usually it’s getting me to put it down and get back to work that’s the thrust of the issue…well I wanted to let you know that I’ve put together a little band with my brother Dad, my dad Nick, and the mandolist Steve Frens. We’re playing lots of hits from the golden era of country, bluegrass, and Western swing, as well as some of the 60s hippie country that my brother and I have loved singing together for many years. This Saturday 2/9 we’re playing a special concert here in Maine:


The Robinhood Free Meetinghouse is a really special place in Georgetown. An old church on the National Register of Historic Places, you can hang downstairs with us at the casual bar and restaurant, then head upstairs to the beautiful sanctuary for the concert. We’ll take a set break and have a drink downstairs, then head up for a second set of music. The soup you can get on Saturday will feature our farm’s butternut squash and onions.

More info and tickets at https://robinhoodfreemeetinghouse.com/event/whatley-brothers/

In other news, we’re busy at work on the farm getting the greenhouse up and running for the year, with our new hydronic bench project (radiant heat under the nursery plants, a sort of greenhouse within the greenhouse which will save us fuel). We’ve started our first seedlings in the barn on heat mats, then it’s on to the germination chamber in the greenhouse, then to these benches, and finally when we’ve run out of space there, back to our big greenhouse that we’ve always used. But hopefully with significantly-reduced energy use.

Next time we’ll have some pictures of baby plants growing in the greenhouse!