Midsummer Fruits and Flowers

Hello friends,

Well time sure does fly in the summer! I haven't written since the solstice, and we've been busy doing all kinds of things...planting, weeding, harvesting, and building. Here a few snapshots:


Those are baby zucchini with nice, open flowers attached...we have been selling zucchini flowers to a couple of restaurants, and occasionally at farmers market too. These were a special treat for Enoteca Athena, the Brunswick Inn, and a few lucky market customers. Stuffed with goat cheese, lightly battered, and pan-friend. Mmm good. 


This is Emma with some red leaf amaranth, which we picked for the first time today! It is a mild-spinach flavor, which is tender and oh so pretty. We ate it as a salad today, along with some lemon-miso summer squash and pesto pasta...By the way, did you know we have some great deals on fresh basil right now? 1# bags of clean tops with very little stem. Makes a lot of pesto! Freeze some like we do, leaving out the nuts and cheese until you take it out in the winter.

And of course, we always have other projects we're trying to get to...our masonry pizza oven build is on track for next weekend. I've been cleaning up some old timbers and getting them ready to frame up the shed, which will cover the oven. It's going to be fun.

One last thing I'll tell you about is this Hazelnut planting we're very excited about. For a few years, we have been talking to our neighbors at Campo di Fiori nursery about getting some of their Hazel selections, and finally it happened. These will make the lower border of one of our fields. There are 8 bushes so far, and we are planning on putting in some more in the fall to finish the row. Maybe someday we'll harvest some nuts, and coppice some material for a wattle-and-daub wall, or something fun like that...Here is the Abram, Shawn, and Colony putting the plants in the ground:


Until next time, enjoy!

Ben and the gang