California-style farming...or is it?

Hello folks,

All the talk among the farmers on the Maine listserves this week has been about drought and whether we should get used to a more Mediterranean, or California-style farming...the last 2 summer have been dry and so far we haven't had more than 1/2" of rain, all spring! Irrigation is the name of the game, and I'm starting to believe that Maine is now like much of the rest of the country, where the motto is, "If you can't irrigate it, don't plant it." We used to be able to rely on spring rains to establish crops, and many things grew without irrigation...we're adjusting!


Here Kate, Abram and Emma are putting down woven ground covers, which have drip irrigation buried under them and holes burned out for peppers and tomatoes. Maximum moisture conservation, and weed suppression! Here's a pic of some we put down in our bigger tomatoes:


Of course, we're making it rain where we can! And these healthy seedlings which we're bringing to market are ready to go. New things and fresh rounds of tomato plants every week. 

Husk Cherries are going in the ground tomorrow while I'm at market, and lots of seeding! Always something going on around the farm.