Get your garden in!

Howdy friends,

Well I believe the story of the week is that you wanna down to farmers market and get you some of these Super Jumbo tomato plants:


Not only are they nice and stout now, they've got room to grow in the Extra-Deep 4" pot. We upgraded this year to these pots for tomatoes, and it's made all the difference. These plants will hit the ground running!

Here's a look at some of our tomatoes, which we just started clipping to the trellis twine today:


It's dry out there, so do us a favor and pray for rain whenever it's convenient for you! We don't care what days it comes on, as long as it rolls in eventually...just can't get used to these dry springs, and summers...the talk on the farmer listserves is all about Maine-Mediterranean farming, or California dry farming. It's a new paradigm for lots of us here in Maine, who are used to getting rain in the spring.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and don't forget we're bringing a veritable garden center to the Brunswick Farmers Markets, Friday 8-2 downtown and Saturday 8:30-12:30 at Crystal Spring Farm!