The Rolling Thunder Review...

Tomatoes, we're Rolling in! This was our crew, just a few hours ago...rolling the 2 tomato tunnels into position over a no-till (tarped) field section. We'll be planting Monday!


We've been planting all we can, including this rhubarb:


I thought it was a pretty impressive worm, I featured it alongside a 6" plant tag.

It's Spring Fever around the Whatley Farm, with never a dull moment as we try to fit in tractor work where it's dry enough to do it, planting where we can, weeding where we must, and eating perennials which never disappoint...Chives, Sorrel, Tarragon, Thyme, Mint, Dandelion, and...Stinging Nettles! This week we will have some at market, so don't miss it!

Meanwhile, we've been tending to the garlic, and I tell you it's looking good so far:


We weed it, we feed it, and it if it knows that it only has until June 22nd to grow. The day after the summer solstice, I imagine garlic wakes up and says, "Huh, that sunrise was a little later than yesterday...I better start storing my energy in this bulb in case this keeps up." It's a race to the solstice! So far our pace is good.

-Ben, family and farm crew