10 Little Red Pigs...

Howdy folks,

Monday we picked up some new friends that are going to be staying with us for the season:


That's 10 little red pigs, Tamworth breed, raised by Misty Brook Farm in Albion (MOFGA-certified diversified farm). They fell right in to pigging right after we let them out of the pickup truck. Tamworths are great foragers, and they'll have lots of fresh ground to do it on at our new field down the hill which we cleared a couple of years ago.



This action shot is from the duck drive out pasture. That's Kate saying to those ducks, "Don't even think about stepping on my newly seeded beds!" We marched them clear across the farm, through the woods and across the stream...and this is the last moment when they had to make a sharp turn around the vegetable fields to get to the field edges that they will be grazing for the new few weeks...Then it's on our newly established pollinator hedgerows, to eat grass and fertilize the little shrubs.

We transplanted our 9500 onions into the field this week, only instead of it taking a crew of 3-4 people a day to do it, I (Ben) did it in a day with our new Japanese Paperpot Transplanter tool...Basically, it's a planting system which uses special folded sheets of paper in a honeycomb pattern as the seeding flat, which is loaded up into a little machine which cuts a furrow and stretches the seedlings out into a chain of perfectly-spaced little plants. It takes some finesse (and I have a long way to go to perfecting it), and the seedlings are more costly to grow, but it saves a lot of time in the field... Look up a video of it in action on paperpot.co , it's quite something!

We'll be at market indoors for one more weekend! Then it's outside to the Brunswick Farmers Market (Tuesday and Friday from 8-2), and the BTLT Farmers Market at Crystal Spring Farm (Saturfay from 8:30-12:30). Here's a little pic of Miz America, one of the greens featured in our spicy mix...we hope to see y'all soon!


Ben, family and crew