Garlic, that harbinger of spring...

Hello farm friends,

This spring has been off to a nice slow start, which is we like dry weeks with temps pushing 80 in March, or anything like that. It's been good drying weather for the fields, and our garlic has had nice steady sprouting conditions. We decided today was the day to introduce it to full sun, and so we raked the straw mulch off the bed tops. 12000 row feet of garlic in a 1/2 acre, which equates to about 16-17k little baby plants like this one:


Ain't he precious?

We're also picking some nice greens from our greenhouses, including arugula (first week back on the menu in months!), spicy greens, radishes, baby kale, raab, and spinach. Here was our new crew member Emma picking kale raab out there this morning:


Spring is always so busy, there's too much to tell! In the coming weeks, look for updates on new piggies, among other things. We'll be at winter markets until the end of the month, so come and see us there every Friday 11-4 at the Topsham Fairground, and Saturdays 9-12:30 at the Cabot Mill/Fort Andross in Brunswick.

Happy spring!