This season has sprouted!

Hello friends and family of Whatley Farm,

A bit more snow fell today, but it's been melting bit by bit as we march forward starting plants in our greenhouse, seeding greens in the unheated tunnels, and harvesting spinach and kale...Here's a sure sign that it's spring inside the unheated high tunnel we call "Big Baby" (it's 192' long):


The mizuna which overwintered has flowered, and not only are they tasty (we sent some flowers to the Brunswick Inn for their Tuesday dinner), but they are starting to buzz with hover flies (a beneficial insect that eats the pesty aphids) we leave most of the flowers as habitat. We've also started seeding alyssum and dill in the greenhouses for beneficial habitat.

A mizuna flower is a nice touch at breakfast, too...add some of our roasted red peppers, spinach, shallot, sausage and duck eggs...and there's a real farmers' breakfast! Sometimes. Sometimes we just eat granola and blueberries. Coffee always.

We got a lot done in the greenhouse this week. Here's Nick pitching in wiring a small electric heater for a tented bench (which along with our germination chamber has reduced our March propane usage so far by almost 100%). And assistant manager Kate planting up ginger and turmeric for pre-sprouting:

It's been a good week! Hope to see some of you at market this weekend. Some of you family members I'll be seeing in Texas next week, for my last hurrah before spring sets in (in earnest). Kate and my parents will keep it together here on the farm and at market.