Your Ticket to Tomato Soup!

Howdy friends,

It was a beautiful week on the farm! Lots of sun, and this delicious bit of gold made with our Tomato Puree:


Just a couple of different tomato soups we had in the last week, with blends of our Red and Gold Tomato Purees ($5.95 at market). The puree is really "Purity of (Tomato) Essence," with only enough lemon juice added to bring the pH down for added salt, and a perfect consistency for soup!

I want to introduce you to Kate, who came to us last year, and stayed on all winter helping me get ready for the season! Kate will be our assistant manager this season, in charge of greenhouse management, harvest, wash station, crew leading, and Tuesday market downtown. Here she moving some pallets of materials around the other day:


I'll leave you with is a fresh image of our completed (today) greenhouse interior wall, with a new passage in between warm and cool zones. We are ready to get seeding the end of next week.


Have a great week, everybody!