Kale is back, Salsa is in, and Lots of Projects are Happening!

Hello folks,

It's been a while since you heard from Whatley Farm in this newsletter...lots has been happening, so let me try to bring you up to speed! I (Ben) was off to Germany with my girlfriend Anna Blank visiting her family for a few weeks, and we returned engaged to be married this Thanksgiving. We're excited to be planning our wedding now, in addition to planning the farming season! Here is a pic of us standing in front of the Karlsruhe Castle:

20180114_164134 (1).jpg

Right now fresh out the ground we are picking some sweet kale, and spinach. Come to Friday market for your best shot at getting some of this stuff now, which is in limited supply until spring comes:


We also recently launched a line of canned goods, which are a collaboration between our farm and Brunswick's community cannery Turtle Rock Farm...owner/chef Jenn Legnini made Heirloom Tomato Salsa (in medium or hot) and Salsa Verde (a solid medium with our tomatillos and serranos), using all organic produce from our farm. She also made us 2 tomato purees, one in red and one in gold (using yellow and orange tomatoes)...these are very fresh-tasting strained tomato juices, which can be enjoyed fresh (for breakfast or Bloody Marys), easily made into soup, or cooked down into a sauce. Here is a pic of the salsa line-up alongside a pack of our Frozen Roasted Peppers, which we fire-roasted, cooled and vacuum-sealed at her commercial kitchen:


And of course we still have onions, shallots, 2 kinds of garlic, rutabaga, kohlrabi, and parsnips from cold storage, as well as lots of tasty pork, and (DUCK EGGS ARE BACK)...as well as carrots in a rainbow of colors from our friends at Harvest Tide Organics. Come by market and find yourself something to eat :)

We always have some projects going, and here is a pic of a couple of them we knocked off this week. One is a pair of seedling carts which will ride in the truck to farmers market with us and display seedlings, the other is an ergonomic potting soil mixing platform which Kate built:


That may be all the news fit to print for now, but I'll try to send out more regular updates now that things have settled down after my big trip and engagement.


Ben Whatley, the whole family and crew of friends