Greenhouse projects continue, and Duck Eggs are back!

Hello my friends,

First off, we know spring is coming because the ducks have started laying well again, and the spinach is growing! We will have plenty at market this weekend, and soon you will start seeing them in stores again, such as Morning Glory in Brunswick, Royal River in Freeport, and the Portland Food Co-op. Here's a wonderful frittata that Laura made for lunch one day this week, with roasted peppers, kale, parsnips and kohlrabi/carrot slaw on the side:


We are getting ready for a great season in the greenhouse, with many farm-built upgrades! We are permanently walling off a portion to be a heated zone, with this simple wall which will have a roll-up door:


Nice work on a sunny day! Then we are building a Germination Chamber, which is basically a sweat box for newly seeded trays. The chamber we are building will hold 60 trays, which will germinate much faster and more uniformly in the box than out in the greenhouse. Basically, you have a thermostatically controlled heating element in a pan of water, which fills the chamber with 75-degree mist...Here's part 1 completed:


It's a 24" x 48" x 80" rack, which we will made more shelves in using metal conduit...then we bolted rigid foam insulation to the frame of the rack...spray foamed the seams. Next we'll install the equipment and wire it, then put a set of rigid foam "french doors" on the front...then we put in the corner, plug it in, and hope it works! We got some ideas for the project from Farm Hack, an open-source forum for farmers who need "farm-tolerance" (i.e. cheap) solutions to expensive equipment.

Plenty of spinach and kale at market this week, as well as root veggies, onions, shallots, garlic, duck eggs, pork, roasted red peppers, and salsas! Try the Tomato Puree--it's just like drinking fresh tomato juice!


Ben and the gang