Back to School!

Howdy friends, 

Well it's back to school for the older of these boys who came to hang out with us on Labor Day. Of course, farmers have to work taking care of animals and harvesting crops even on Labor Day, but they made it a lot of fun, as you can see! 


When Nick isn't goofing off doing animal chores, or doing his day job, he's hard at work building a house for his mom Nancy. Here he is doing the concrete foundation with a boom truck:


And of course we're picking lots of peppers for the roaster, and many other vegetables, herbs, and flowers! Come see us Saturday at market to get some hot out of the roaster. This week Laura and her dad Peter are running the roaster while Ben and Nick play music at the market with their band Rough Sawn. Logan and Sam will be there to help check you out and keep things stocked. Looks like a great September weekend!


Ben, Laura, Nick, Logan, Sam, Kate and Hannah