Fresh fall crops and cool weather ahead!

Hello friends of the farm,

Well we've had a summer reprise was very humid this last week, and almost hit 90 on Sunday! But fall weather just blew in and it's going to start feeling seasonal again. We have lots of summer and fall crops which meet and overlap in somewhat unpredictable ways each year, depending on the weather. Here are two:



On the left is fresh baby turmeric, which we're very excited to be growing for the first time this year. The whole plant is edible and medicinal, and is so juicy! The bottom is orange, and it fades to white as you go up the stalk which is like a leek in texture.

On the right are what we call "spicy greens," which are Asian varieties of mustard greens which taste so nice in the fall, winter, and spring. We don't grow them in the summer, so we're glad to have them back.

We are getting ready for our pork butchery workshop on Sunday, which is filled to capacity with 10 participants. Yesterday Logan cut up half a pig custom for our friends Jim and Fran, who are pictured busy trimming up bits that they are going to grind into sausage. Ben is brining bacon and ham for them which we will smoke in a week or so. It's a collaborative homestead project, you could say. Here they are in the barn yesterday:


With the cool weather rolling in, don't miss your last best chance to stock up on the summer fruits like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, husk cherries! We'll keep having them a bit longer, but they'll never taste better than they have with this warm weather. Here's a taste of what we'll have at market:


Come see us at market, or get in touch by email if there's anything we can do for you this fall!


Ben, Laura, Nick and the gang