Seed garlic at market, Baby Ginger Hands, and more!

Hello friends of the farm,

We are finally ready with seed garlic! We have trimmed and cleaned about 15,000 bulbs, inventoried and set aside our own seed, and we are now filling orders and bringing seed garlic to market. Check out the handy new variety chart Logan made:

Garlic Varieties.jpg

We are also very excited about commencing the harvest of baby ginger! This pink-tipped beauty is called a "hand" of ginger, and when it's baby like this, it's oh sweet juicy and tender. I love to just chew on a piece, and it's fibrous at all. Great for grating fresh over food, or slicing thin like a carrot.


Fall is right around the corner, and you can feel it in the shorter days and cooler nights. We are still harvesting summer crops, but change is in the air, and it won't be long until rutabagas! Come see us this weekend and get it while you can...

Best wishes from your farmers Ben, Laura, Nick, Logan, Kate, Sam and Hannah