Pepper roasting! and upcoming Pork Butchering Workshop

Howdy folks, we're very excited to finally be roasting peppers at Saturday market! Every year it seems we have to wait forever watching those peppers ripen until we have enough for here they are, with more variety coming in every week. This week, in addition to sweet Italian peppers, we will have mixed boxes of hot peppers with anchos and jalapenos. Come back every week to see what's new!


We are in peak tomato season, and that means we have great deals on boxes of tomatoes for your sauce or canning projects! Come fill a 5# bag, or a 10 or 20# box of these blemished but ripe and ready fruits:


We are also very excited to announce that our long-time employee Logan will be teaching a Pork Butchery Workshop at our farm coming up Sunday, October 1st from 1-5 PM. 10 Participants will break down half a pig with Logan, and get to cut, wrap and take home about 10 pounds of our organic Large Black pork, while also tasting charcuterie and other pork treats. There will also be a farm tour and a social hour where will all share a bit of the tenderloin, prepared by Ben. Cost is $100, email us at to sign up.

Pork Butchery.png

Thanks for reading, and come by the markets this weekend to see what's new and catch up with the Whatley crew!


Ben, Laura, Nick, Logan, Hannah, Sam, Anastasia, Sophie and Kate