Weeding on the Fourth of July!

We weeded hard on the Fourth of July, and I still think the weeds grew faster than we could pick em! But we quit an hour early and had a chicken BBQ for the crew and their families. It was a good day, and I think we all feel better looking at some clean fields. Besides weeding, we're starting to harvest more variety out of the gardens, including lots of this lovely cilantro:

Our Pekin ducklings are growing up quick! Here they in their teenage years...Remember to email us or talk to us at market if you'd like to reserve one when they are ready at the end of July.

We harvested a load of garlic scapes to process into a big batch of our garlic scape pesto! We should have that available at market in a week or so--it's delicious! Check out Scarlet Begonias in Brunswick, who is running a Whatley Farm pesto special right now using our garlic scapes and basil. Here I am with 120 pounds of scapes...

Come on out and see Logan, Hannah, and Sam this weekend at markets. The Whatley Family is splitting up the weekend off, in order to recuperate from Dan's wedding last weekend! We hope to see you soon!

Ben, Laura, Nick, and the gang