Crunchy summer veggies are in!

Howdy friends, we sure are happy to have carrots back! It's been too long. They are very crunchy and tasty. In fact, now is when lots of crunchy and juicy veggies are starting to come in: kohlrabi, cabbage, cauliflower, and lots of different cucumbers:

Try the Lemon cukes and Silver Slicers while you can! The light yellow cukes we grow are really exceptional heirlooms which don't last very long once powdery mildew and other pathogens start attacking cucumber plants.

Lots happening here as always! We will have fresh Pekin duck at market this weekend, and garlic scape pesto. And we will begin harvesting our seed garlic tomorrow. It needs to cure for a month or so, but we should be able to begin bringing garlic to market by Labor Day.

Finally, an update from hog land: Our 7 large black pigs are happy and healthy as can be, and growing well as you can see:

Hope everybody's summer is going well! Hard to believe July is almost over. Time is flying by on the farm!

Ben and the gang