Sunshine returns! Watch it grow...

Howdy folks, well the sun is back and that makes us so happy! We had a great couple of days working hard outside to catch up on weeding and irrigation...Here's the long view, with Logan in there somewhere hooking up drip lines in the tomato and peppers tunnels:

We've also started harvesting more crunchy and leafy things from the field, like this Broccoli Raab (aka Rapini) and Chinese Broccoli! Radishes, spinach, lettuce heads, lettuce mix, and lots of herbs round out the spring selections this week at market:

And there's always something to look forward to in farming, such as these greenhouse cucumbers with itsy, bitsy cukes on em! Coming soon:

Finally, head on over to the homepage to see a video of some baby Pekin ducks who just arrived! They're so cute. Hope to see you at market this weekend! Looks like beautiful weather for it.

--Ben, family, and crew