Dan Whatley's wedding, and Garlic Scapes!

We are very excited that Ben's brother Dan will be getting married on the farm this Saturday! We've been doing a lot of cleaning up and things are coming together nicely. Lots of his and Nora's friends and family have been helping out, and the farm crew as well! Here's the tents going up for the reception:

We are very excited about the Georgian Fire garlic scapes we picked today! We will have nice bunches at market this Friday and Saturday, along with salad greens, herbs, pork, and duck eggs. Here's Hannah G, Anastasia, and Hannah W bunching this afternoon:

And I'll leave you with this self-portrait, entitled "This is Your Brain on Garlic Scapes"

Logan, Samantha, Hannah and Maple (Hannah's Lab puppy) hope to see you at market this weekend! We'll be here with family celebrating Dan and Nora's wedding.

Ben and family