Basil, Pigs, Aliens and other tales!

Hello friends of Whatley Farm! We've had a great week working hard in the to help our plants and animals grow. They've been thirsty, and the ground is now, we're hoping for rain...Just not at a time that's inconvenient for market shopping, or anything that any of you wanted to do outside, for that matter ;) It's probably too much to ask, but we'll take what we can get!

Pictured above is a delicious salad we made with our first basil of the season! It will be available Friday at market, so get it while you can! Of course, lots more next week. This salad is all from the farm, save for the oil and vinegar: cukes, spinach, basil, red onion. Cukes coming soon to market too, but the first go to the farmers ;)

We welcomed these beautiful Large Black (English heritage breed) pigs to the farm the other day. They are down in a new field we cleared, rooting up a storm! They will be giving us meat in October, so plan on a full selection of cuts being available at the winter markets.

It's an alien! Okay, just a "greensprouted" potato...These seed potatoes sat in trays in our greenhouse getting watered and growing their sprouts in the sun for 5 weeks before being planted. It's a technique used for planting whole seed potatoes that hit the ground running when they go in the ground. The sprouts are very stout after a few weeks in the greenhouse, and it also helps us to avoid the first wave of Colorado Potato Beetles :)

Looking forward to seeing folks this weekend at the markets! 


Ben, Laura, Nick, and the whole crew