"Skinning the Cat"--(it's not what you think!)

This week...besides harvesting our first crops out of the field (lots of baby spinach, lettuce mix, and lettuce heads)...and having a planting marathon (tons of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cukes, tomatillos, plus another round of all the spring crops!)...we "skinned the cats." Or "threw up caterpillars." Now don't jump to conclusions! It's all just farmer jargon for building temporary field greenhouses called "caterpillar tunnels" to grow heat-loving crops like tomatoes and peppers in.

Here's a pic of Sam and Hannah screwing together pipes for the ridgepoles:

Once those are all set up, we have to cover with plastic and lace it down with parachute cord. Here's Logan and Hannah tying it down, as seen through the hazy greenhouse poly:

Once it's all done, it ends up looking a bit like a caterpillar with scales, hence "caterpillar tunnel." While that term is in wide usage, and I have heard farmers joke about "skinning" greenhouses to refer to covering with plastic, I have to take personal responsibility for talking about "throwing up" of caterpillars...Here's a pic which shows some of the finished tunnels in the background, with Tara waving for scale!

I hope I haven't ruined your appetite with all this talk of caterpillars! Because in fact, we have been harvesting some delicious fresh food for you to buy at this weekend's markets: spring spinach and lettuce, and lots of different herbs! We still have lots of seedlings, too. Come check it out!