Beautiful spring so far!

What a beautiful spring it's been so far! Plenty of rain, maybe bordering on too much at times but you can't pick the weather! The garlic is loving it. Here's our spicy specialty, Georgian Fire!

It has been difficult to get in fields and do tractor work with the heavy rain earlier this week, but we've managed to do some. Here's a pic of the electric cultivating tractor (1947 Allis Chalmers G which Nick converted to an electric motor--pretty cool!) getting ready to be unloaded at the Bowdoinham field:

The rain gave us some great opportunities to transplant, and we really went for it on Monday and Tuesday! Planted a big block of early spring crops (some of which is pictured below), including spinach, chard, lettuce, chicories (radicchio, escarole, puntarelle), broccoli and rapini! We actually skipped farmers market on Tuesday so we could have all hands on deck to plant the onions and shallots (all 20,000 of them!). Got it done with a little help from our friends!

We will be at market tomorrow and Saturday with lots of great stuff, including salad and cooking greens, fresh herbs (chives, thyme, oregano, tarragon), seedlings (lots of hardy stuff for planting now and some tomatoes for the early birds that can protect in case of frost), duck eggs, and pork chops! Here's Samantha framing some seedlings (she's working a few days a week on the farm and every Saturday at market). 

Hope to see you this weekend!