Getting ready for a whopper rain!

Howdy friends, we've been hustling to get field work done ahead of the whopper rain coming tonight! Hopefully it won't be too bad tomorrow, so you can come out to market in Brunswick and see us. There is always Saturday, which looks like it's going to be a great day!

These leeks that went in the ground earlier this week are going to love the rain, as is this ash tree up by the house:

That's our friend Daniel Wiener up there pruning out deadwood! He's quite a climber and is starting his own arborist service.

Now for a fun picture...don't be alarmed! We're not wearing these suits to avoid hazardous chemicals, just to protect ourselves from ticks while picking the nettles! The nettle patch is tick city with all the unmown grass.

We're coming to market with nettles and lots of other spring greens and herbs, lots of new seedlings which can go in the ground now (tomatillos, melons, basil, and much more), duck eggs, leaf lard and other delicious pork products. Have a great week if we don't see ya!