It's a Veritable Heat Wave!

Well I believe we got what we asked for! Temps over 90 F here at the farm today. But after harvesting and packing veggies and seedlings for market tomorrow, we got after another project that we have been picking away at: planting the pollinator hedgerow in between two of our home fields. We have approximately 200 native shrubs of diverse species going in there! 90 down, including all the Aronia, Witch Hazel, American Cranberry Bush, and Arrowwood.. Buttonbush, Spicebush, and more still to come!

Can you see all of us busy bees working in there planting tomatoes and peppers? First one person marks the holes, then another fertilizes, then another drops the plant, and finally someone comes along and plants it! Oh, and then we water it in with fish and seaweed juice...

And of course we have lots of seedlings for your garden coming to market, or if you miss us there, stop over to the Urban Garden Center on Rt 196 in Topsham. Here's a pic from earlier in the week (you can tell by their coats that it sure wasn't today). We have lots of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, cucumbers and more that are just loving this warm weather!

It'll be a good weekend to get the garden in! Come to Friday or Saturday market and get your organic plants (and free gardening advice).