Come on sun, shine here!

It has been a cool spring so far! The farmers are all talking about it up and down the coast...let's hope it warms up soon and that we get more sunshine. But on a diversified farm, if the weather is bad for one crop, it's good for another. And on this vegetable farm, while it hasn't been stellar weather for getting fields prepared, the grass and perennials are all growing great with the moisture.

But we're keeping busy as always! Here's Hannah and Kate putting up a ridgepole in the caterpillar tunnels (moveable greenhouses that grow tomatoes and peppers):

We also planted a lot of cool weather loving crops, like lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choi, and cabbage! We also planted our first peppers, cucumbers, and summer squash. Tomatoes this week. Here is a picture of Laura planting zinnias with Tara, a high school intern here for a few weeks learning the ropes. Her uncle is Dave Colson of MOFGA/New Leaf Farm, and she's a quick study!

Ben has to keep this short and sweet today, because he is headed to Texas for his cousin's college graduation! The farm is in the hands of our able helpers Logan, Hannah, Kate, and Sophie (as well as Laura Whatley, who is staying to take care of the ducks and get our new piglets settled in). Come see the extended family of employees at market this weekend! We've got lots of great greens. herbs. seedlings, duck eggs, nitrate-free bacon, and pork chops. See you next week!