Cold Rain and Spicy Greens!

Last week we showed you a picture of the big messy hoophouse with the long, long rows of spinach and arugula...this week we're featuring the new greenhouse which we just completed over the winter. On the other side of that big plastic "curtain" is the front, heated portion of the greenhouse where we are growing seedlings for our own farm, as well as lots of seedlings for sale at market soon! This greenhouse is dual purpose, with a combination of soil beds and concrete pathways. We can cover these beds with greenhouse benches when they are needed for growing more seedlings, and we have the concrete aisle for wheeling carts of seedlings up and down...This layout is our own hair-brained scheme and it's not perfect, but it's working well-enough so far!

Here's Becca harvesting some lettuce for the mild mesclun. We will have lots of BULK DEALS on greens at markets tomorrow and Saturday, so don't miss BIG BAGS of Spicy Greens and Spinach, as well as our regular size bags Mild Mesclun, Arugula, Red Russian Kale, Spicy Greens and Spinach.

In addition to this new big bag "Wholesale-to-You" program where you can buy bulk greens the same way stores and restaurants buy them from our farm, we will be offering seconds-quality Winter Radishes, Beets, Parsnips, Rutabaga and Kohlrabi for 50% off throughout the month of April, or until they're gone.

We're still inside at the markets: Friday 11-4 at the Midcoast Winter Farmers Market (Topsham Fairgrounds), and Saturday 9-12:30 at the Brunswick Winter Market (Fort Andross). Let's make the rain stop for the weekend!