Never a dull moment!

Would you look at that root! And that's a "runt" rhubarb that didn't yield well, which we replaced with another plant.

Sophie and the rest of the crew did a lot of work in the perennial gardens this week while I did field prep with the tractor. Weeding, mulching, planting--the works! Here's a pic of some fresh thyme we have coming to market this week, along with oregano, rosemary, and tarragon from our herb tunnel:

We did a lot of work in the greenhouse on seedlings, which we have coming to market this week! Early greens for your garden, like kale, chard, lettuce, arugula, as well as sunflowers. Lots more seedlings to come this year--vegetable, herb, and flower crops of all descriptions, each selected by us as tried-and-true varieties for organic growing in this area.

We also experimented with some new techniques for organic no-till gardening. Instead of tilling the whole plot where we will be planting tomatoes this year, we just dug out the perennial weeds with a fork, and then covered with those black silage tarps you see in the picture below. It's a technique called "occultation," and the idea is that the tarp will warm the soil (always a good thing in the spring), and the weeds which germinate under the tarp won't be able to grow. We'll leave it alone for 4 weeks, and hope for good results!

We all know farming isn't all fun and games, so I thought I'd throw a picture of some good old-fashioned ditch-digging which I did this week! This is for an internet cable to go to the barn and new greenhouse. Primarily, this is for a temperature monitoring system which we are installing to give us more peace of mind that the big greenhouses aren't getting too hot or cold when we can't be there to check on them...but we're all looking forward to being able to stream music while we're working out there, too! 

Lots of good deals on greens coming to market this week, including big bags of kale! Fresh herbs, duck eggs, pork, and a SALE on frozen roasted peppers! These are really good for slicing for sandwiches or salads, or cooking with some onions and greens for a simple and delicious pasta dish. Come see us at market this weekend and ask us for ideas!

This weekend is the LAST INDOOR market, then we're headed out to downtown Brunswick Tuesday and Friday from 8-2, and Crystal Spring Farm on Saturdays from 8:30-12:30. As a cap to a great market season, Ben and Nick's band Rough Sawn will be playing Brunswick Winter Market. Come out and hear some Americana music, drawing from bluegrass, country, Western swing, and contemporary folk. Kids welcome to dance!