Promises of Things to Come

Spring may have teased us with that nice warm sunny weather last week, but we're moving ahead so we'll be ready when it hits! The latest and greatest news is the arrival of these lady beetles (Ben is squinting at them on your right). We are releasing these generalist predators into our tunnels to eat pest bugs, and we made sure to leave lots of flowering mustards (like the arugula flower pictured next) for habitat.

Look on Facebook or Instagram for a video of Ben releasing the ladybugs!

We've been doing all kinds of things in addition to greenhouse work, harvesting LOADS of TASTY GREENS (available at this weekend's markets), and tending to our ducks...Here's a picture of Sophie and Hannah raking the mulch off garlic to maximize the sunlight hitting it and warming the soil. You can just barely see the green shoots in this picture, but they're there!

We also wrapped up pruning our raspberries, which involves cutting out winterkilled canes and thinning and trellising the remaining canes in a V-trellis. Here's Kate, Becca, and Hannah working on it this afternoon!

Farming is a good cure for boredom, since there's never a dull moment...Come see us at the markets this weekend, where we remain indoors until the end of the month. Friday 11-4 at the Midcoast Winter Farmer's Market (Topsham Fairground), Saturday 9-12:30 at the Brunswick Winter Market in Fort Andross.