Returning of the Light

We did get a pile of snow this week, but there were also signs that spring is drawing closer. I'm the winter, I periodically check on some of our perennial herbs that are in one of our high tunnels. The rosemary and marjoram are covered with plastic row cover as well. They seem to be doing fine, despite some very cold nights we have had this winter. 

The other herbs in that high tunnel - sage, thyme, and tarragon, can tolerate much colder temperatures, so we don't need to use row cover on them. The thyme and sage go a bit purple, but they green back up in the spring. The tarragon dies back to the ground, and in the spring new shoots grow up from the roots. I notice this week that new tarragon shoots have started growing! The biggest is only an inch tall, and they won't grow very quickly until it gets warmer, but still! Signs of spring are definitely welcome right now!

I am on vacation this week and next, so you will see Ben at market Friday and Saturday!

Here are some pictures that Ben snapped of the propane tank and heater getting installed yesterday by Crowley Energy and Hobie's Home Heating.  [Ailish did take some nice pictures of the new growth on the herbs, but Ben couldn't find them...]

Ta ta for now!